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The pyjama is coming back, and we love it! But be careful, not dad's pyjamas or Aunt Marie-Huguette's! No. A pyjama in the era of time, an accessory rivaling the evening dress in elegance. Our nights’ comfort, the feminine ally from the moment we jump out of bed. Bye bye the exclusively masculine image of the "pajama", wide and supple, born in India, whose sole purpose was to cover the legs. Coco Chanel and the Roaring Twenties feminised it, OONA home has now revisited it.

OONA Home pyjama? Chic, original, timeless, soft...very soft. 100% cotton, we designed it like a suit, a sensual and comfortable garment. A jacket and trouser suit, twisted, well cut and far from the one who used to be the poor relation of our wardrobes. Thought out down to the smallest detail, the long-sleeved shirt jacket, buttoned cuffs and low-cut collar has everything of a blouse. With its contrasting piping also present on the trousers, its chest pocket and its signature red buttonhole... OONA Home pyjama top gives itself the right to leave the private sphere. With shorts for a beach lunch with friends, jeans and pumps for a chic-casual evening. The bottom also shows precision in the finishing touches: pockets, elasticated waistband, tightening tie, hem letting the ankle to be revealed.

But above all, our signature stands in our prints developed exclusively for us, which, beyond quality, reflect our personality. The toile de Jouy print resurrects the classic. Revisited with blue and grey animals, the flagship pattern aims to change tone with the seasons. With its soft colours and lotus flowers sailing on the water, the Nelumbo print reminds us of the Indian origins of the one we will never be able to live without.