OONA’s story? A subtle mix of childhood, modernized traditions, know-how and details. A Swiss story ... but not only!

OONA, revisited childhood.

OONA like ...Geraldine’s memories. The beauty of her grandmothers' wardrobes and beds. The country houses and their damask sheets in which it was difficult to slip in. OONA like...childhood sweetness. The duvet softness when falling asleep, the plaid in which wrapping a baby. A softness we choose for children but often forget for ourselves. OONA like... the brand first models in 2015 made for kids. And now available for the bigger ones too.

OONA, Swiss for Swiss people...but not only!

OONA like... Geraldine’s path. Manual, curious, creative, in turn graphic designer, freelance, in an agency, then a move to Switzerland and two children. With them, coming along a desire and a need. The desire to do it yourself, to reconnect with traditions, with the practical rather than the mercantile, with quality. The need to have linens meeting Swiss sizes criteria and specificities... but not only! Precision, sense of detail and excellence. Always.

OONA, unclassifiable.

OONA like...the desire of belonging to no box. OONA like...a soft, singing, round, enveloping sound giving free rein to the imagination. OONA like... the book OONA and Salinger, Charlie and OONA Chaplin in Vevey, a feminine touch. OONA like...a red cross stitch, a signature, a fantasy. Like crossing barriers


The colors


Our story