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Globetrotters or mothers on the move, young women in the era of time, men looking for a practical and roomy tote bag... All of us feels concerned with a more responsible consumption and a healthier life. Tell us who’s not looking for the tote bag meeting all these needs? Neither tote-bag, nor bag, OONA Home’ cabas is the one following us everywhere. Unisex and multi-generational, washable, light yet strong, stylish and recognisable by its red stripe.

Woven in thick cotton canvas, Géraldine wanted it to be the perfect size (50*40*25cm), adaptable to your desires, trends, holidays as well as everyday life’s small and big demands. Choose the fantasy of the tattooed cabas or the timelessness of the Mother, all you have to do is invent the use that suits you.

A 24–48-hour companion, it can easily be slipped into luggage for a longer trip. It can be useful at the market, at an impromptu picnic or on the beach. Away from any movement it can wait patiently in a car or even serve as a laundry basket.

To give as a gift, to collect, to coordinate...you won't be able to do without them.