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The bathroom... an intimate place and a cocoon where it feels good to take care of oneself, to relax, to isolate, to get ready. For some place of passage, for others a holiday destination, it is the space of all the rituals, the one where beauty is celebrated. Toilet alcove that everyone will enjoy showing off throughout the day. The place where bath towels, as well as shampoo, contribute to our daily well-being. Bright, airy and colourful, OONA’s bathroom invites colour and softness into its heart.

That's why we have developed a range of linen unlike any other. Literally ... our towels and sheets are surprising, with their rounded corners and their unique and singular weave. Made in Portugal exclusively for OONA Home, it is neither a honeycomb nor a never stops drying sponge, but a fine textured checkerboard. Pleasant, unclassifiable. Bye-bye heavy, damp towels or bulky sponges. Welcome to soft and light linen. 100% cotton, as soft as it is absorbent. Thick enough to cuddle and wipe, it's also ideal for being nomadic and slipping into our luggage.

Available in 13 colours and 4 sizes: for guests, for face and hair, for the shower and for the very tall or the beach, we like to play between colours and elements. Reinforce the feeling of freshness with watery shades, of nature with woody or sandy colours, of softness with rosy shades.

Tip: Wash your towels without fabric softener and even with pure water from time to time. This allows the fiber to breathe and your clothes to wipe better.